Monday, March 17, 2008

New patch and new extension feature to assist with benchmarking

So for this 0.8 release I had done two things.

The first thing I did was some major surgery on the C++ code me and Brandon wrote at the end of last semester in OSD600. That code has not changed much since then and although these new changes are still largely cosmetic by nature, I do hope they bring me closer to the final product and ultimately to having the code integrated into FF.

The second thing I had done was add a new feature to the PW extension. This new feature allows you to record a plugin's run time to a file. If I'm correct, this should make benchmark testing of various plugins much easier. I still have to add some functionality for this feature as it is pretty basic right now but I was still able to hook it up with liveGraph (open source real time charting software) to produce a real time graphical representation of the plugin's run time. I'm planning on posting a video depicting this, as soon as I find a good screen video capture software. For now you will have to enjoy this lovely screen shot:

In case you are wondering, this depicts an interactive flash object running for approximately 8 minutes.

If you would like to try the new extension you must also use the new 0.8 patch, otherwise this will not work. You can download the necessary files and read the installation instructions on my wiki page.

As always, your feedback is appreciated, and if you have a plugin that you would like tested leave a comment with the plugin's name and a URL to a page containing it.

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