Tuesday, March 4, 2008

0.7 is Out

So for the 0.7 release I decided to concentrate on making the newly created extension useful and usable. I fixed some bugs and added some options to allow the user to control what should constitute a high run time they would like to be notified of. Also in the option dialogue you can now view the actual run time in real time which would be helpful to anyone installing the extension on a non debug build.

Here is a summary for all the new changes and additions:

  • Fixed notification bar bug where the user notifications would collect one on top of the other. The notification will now only appear if no other PW notifications are present.
  • Added option to turn PW on and off in the context and Tools menu.
  • Added a preference panel to the extension where a user can control various settings of PW.
    • Users may turn PW on and off.
    • Users may change the monitoring settings of PW to notify them when a certain run time has occurred, a certain number of times, within a certain period of time.
    • Users may view the current run time directly in the preference panel.
For instructions on how to install the new extension please refer to the project wiki page.

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