Sunday, December 16, 2007

0.31 is now out!

So earlier today I was trying to think of a way to test our 0.3 release with a plugin that is actually hogging resources. Unfortunately since I was not able to create or find such a plugin I thought that perhaps lowering the amount of availble resources will do the trick. I already had a VM running Fedora 7 set up and figured this would be a good opportunity to also test our code in Linux.

So I fired up the VM, booted into Fedora, checked out a clean tree, applied the 0.3 patch and built it... then I spent about half a day trying to install Flash 9 on minefield since none of the automated installers would work. I finally managed to install it only to find out that our code wasn't even getting executed.

I spent all night trying to figure this out and thankfully after going through a lot of files I managed to make it work. I'm therefore releasing PluginWatcher 0.31 which now works on Windows and Linux. I don't own a Mac but I believe it should work fine on OSX as well.

Something to note before trying 0.31 out... it seems that plugins work differently on the different operating systems. The runtime pattern of the same flash game seems to be different when executed on the different platforms. I'm not really sure why this is the case but it seems possible (even likely) that this is due to some fundamental difference between the two operating systems.

If you tried our old patch on a Windows machine please continue using it as there are no changes in the new patch that are applicable to you. If you are you using Linux (or OSX) and would like to try out our new patch please visit our wiki project page!

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