Sunday, September 30, 2007


So I have played around with the Mozilla cross reference tools and found them to be very useful. The only issue I really had was that when you click on a link within the source code it performs a global search on that term and often times the results are out of context - especially when the term is a common member/method name within a number of different and unrelated classes. I have to admit though that searching for a specific function in the code (in my case the code that controls the refresh button) only made the work thats a head of me and Brandon seem even more daunting (though we are gaining new appreciation for large software as we go along). We already spent a couple of hours trying to figure out where our code would need to go and found some classes which we are hoping would come in useful - although by no means can we say that we have a clear grasp of how plugins operate within Firefox as of yet. We are meeting up this Wednesday to do some more digging and we are also going to be adding our own code, mainly some printfs to try and orientate ourselves within the source. Updates are to follow.

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